Hi, if you want the formal, official stuff about me, it’s down a few paragraphs.

My name is Barbara Ann Luther. I come from a hearty Missouri farm family. I’m the oldest of 7. I grew up milking cows, doing chores, and riding horses. My brothers and sisters are some of the most incredibly hard working, bright, and caring people you’d ever care to meet, and my folks are devoted to their family and enjoying their dozen grandkids and 7 great grandkids tremendously at this point in their lives.

I’ve lived in Missouri, Iowa, Illinois, Ohio, California, Texas, and now Missouri again. We’re currently living in lovely St. Louis. I feel very lucky to have friends in so many places.

My professional life reflects my curiosity and varied interests: I’ve worked as a clerk, administrative assistant, and office manager. I’ve been a college instructor, court reporting teacher, editor, technical writer, project manager, consultant, mentor, and coach. I’m familiar with these industries: insurance, legal, banking, health care, computers, entertainment, utility, fast food, and education. I’ve been a reading tutor, professional society chapter president, board member, church secretary, and deacon.

In case you haven’t guessed, I have attention deficit disorder, so I like to stay busy. I’m an avid reader, especially science fiction which I’ve also had the pleasure of teaching. I love to learn new things. I have a drawer full of toys within easy reach in my office. I used to ride a motorcycle, after I left my horse behind on the farm (still miss her, though).

While I like dogs and used to adore my collie when I was on the farm, I’m a cat person now. We have two, Pumpkin and Merlin. They each have at least 10 variations on their names, so I guess you could say we like word play.

There, that’s the messy stuff. I’m not sure it’s who I am, but it’s part of what has shaped me.

I define myself as a teacher and coach, if I’m asked to use labels. I love to teach because it’s so rewarding to watch others grow. I guess that’s why I also love to coach. I’m a great listener, too. Since I have a terrific smile, twinkling blue eyes, and dimples, I figure it’s my job to be happy and have fun most of the time, especially when I’m teaching and coaching. Besides, it’s so much easier to learn when we’re playing, don’t you think?

Now, if you want the official stuff, here it is:

Barbara Luther, Resume

Who My Clients Are

  • Professional and Small Business Women
  • Successful Adults with ADD
  • Highly Creative Types
  • Coaches
  • New Professors, Educators and Graduate Students
  • Folks in Transition and Growth

How I Coach

  • Focus on strengths and building a life around them
  • Intuitively and gently, yet very encouraging to take action
  • Offer systems suggestions which we customize for you
  • You set the pace while I keep your goals in front of you


My passion is assisting people in recognizing and embracing their power. My vision is a world where every person embraces their special talents and enjoys a life built around their passions. My mission is to assist people in identifying their special gifts and designing their lives to enjoy and share them. My life purpose is to provide a loving, safe space for self discovery.

Coaching Practice

I formally started a coaching practice, Wind Beneath Your Wings, in 1996 and now have many clients across the U.S., Canada, and Europe. Part of my practice focuses on helping high functioning adults with Attention Deficit Disorder build workable systems so they can live lives built around their strengths. The rest of my practice consists of coaches, creatives, new professors, and small business types who want to build their businesses, improve their financial situations, and learn how to be more focused and balanced in their lives.

Experience Prior to Coaching

My previous experience includes 20+ years as a college educator, technical writer/designer, and corporate project manager. I had my own online information consulting business for 8 years just prior to building my coaching practice. During my corporate and consulting life, I was very active in professional and networking groups, and I mentored new and existing career professionals in their skill improvement and job searches.


Bachelor’s and Master’s in the Liberal Arts
Coach University Graduate and Teleclass Leader
Attraction University Graduate
Optimal Functioning Institute Graduate
Corporate Coach University Graduate and Teleclass Leader


Master Certified Coach, International Coach Federation
Professional Mentor Coach, Coach University
Certified Teleclass Leader, Coach University
Teleclass Leader, International Coach Academy
Advanced Certified Corporate Business Coach, Corporate CoachU
Director of Training and Teleclass Leader, ADD Coach Academy
Emotional Freedom Technique, EFT-CC, EFT-ADV


Member, International Coach Federation
Co-Chair, St. Louis Coaches
Member, ADDA