Does this ring true to you?

by barbaraluther on April 21, 2012

Think about this and see if it rings true for you:

ADDers hyperfocus on their weaknesses and neglect to identify and appreciate their strengths. As a matter of fact, ADDers often dismiss their gifts or deny themselves opportunities to work from natural talents and abilities.

Does that surprise you? I see it every day as I work with my clients. It’s heartbreaking to see a person with intelligence, passion, and incredible capabilities not be able to see any of that in her/himself because she/he is so focused on what she/he can’t do or what she/he is not good at.

Now, I’m not saying that we don’t have weaknesses that need some work; what I’m saying is that we over-focus on the weaknesses to the detriment of enjoying our gifts and talents and benefiting from them. When we spend all our time blaming and shaming ourselves and bemoaning what we can’t do, we waste that time that we could be spending on what comes very naturally and easily for us.

Thus, the negatives seems to grow and expand to fill our attention, leaving little energy and attention for the good. Let’s take some of that focus and energy back. What can you do? What’s easy? What’s natural? What’s fun?

What would you like to be doing that you aren’t allowing yourself? There’s probably a strength or passion in that, and you would get some great energy from doing something you love – even for a little while. Give yourself a gift of doing that fun thing for a bit today and see what that does to your perspective and energy. It’s a worthwhile experiment.

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