Look for the Payoffs

by barbaraluther on June 7, 2012

I was reading an interview with Daniel Radcliffe of Harry Potter fame the other day and ran across this statement:

I remember being 6 years old and knowing that I saw the world differently from the rest of the boys in my class. I have always said to myself there must be a

reason for me being this weird. There’s got to be a payoff at some point.

This is great self-talk for anyone who feels different. It’s also a pretty good mindset. There’s not a lot of negative judgment in this statement – ‘there must be a reason for me being this weird.’ And you have a sense of his being on the lookout for the “payoff.” If we recognize our uniqueness – and those of us impacted by ADHD certainly do – then an open mindset of looking for the payoff in our uniqueness is fantastic.

So, instead of focusing on what you don’t like about your unique brain wiring, this week look for the payoffs. There are many, when we start looking. My challenge to you is to find at least one payoff every day.

This may take you some practice, but I expect you’ll soon notice it’s more fun looking for payoffs than it is to look for problems.

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