Progress on My Writing

by barbaraluther on April 17, 2013

Progress on writing my book was slow in February because a virus and sinus infection threw me way behind, and it took me weeks to catch up.  But I was able to get back on track in early March, and keep producing pages.  I had been ahead at the end of January, so I’m happily still on track.

But it’s worth noting that I really had to be patient with myself as I recovered, and that was difficult because I wanted to be working and just couldn’t.  We must listen to our bodies or we’ll find ourselves ill again.  And it’s not just the days we’re down and recovering that get in our way.  We each have very full lives, and life continued while I was ill.  That meant I had a tremendous amount of catching up to do just to get back current.  Actually, I’m not sure I ever was able to totally catch up, and that’s a common story for ADDers.  We cram so much into our days that we are really thrown out of whack when something unexpected occurs.

We don’t allow for life’s curve balls, so we feel their impact more dramatically.  I think we don’t allow for serendipity and curve balls because we’re so driven and afraid of being bored.  But there are ways to accommodate for that.  I do try to allow for the unexpected, but I just hadn’t allowed for several days of it nor do most people.

If we can think of ourselves as little bubbles on the ocean and go up and down with the waves without being perturbed, we can enjoy our lives more.  What would it be like if you rode the up and down waves of life just floating along on the surface without getting dunked or struggling?  If that feels appealing to you, it’s a mindset to practice.  You might be pleasantly surprised at its effect for you.

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