Strengths context of ADHD traits

by barbaraluther on May 22, 2012

I spend a lot of time with clients talking about the strengths context of their ADHD traits. I’ve found that a trait or behavior can be a hindrance in some situations or environments and a help or valuable quality in other situations and environments. The key is to notice what the situation calls for or to select an environment where our specific traits are appreciated and valued.

For example, psychiatrists and psychologists have pointed out that highly anxious individuals are often well known for their sensitivity and attentiveness to others. We know that ADDers are very empathic and highly intuitive, so they do well in service roles such as therapists, coaches, teachers, and customer service. This is an example of looking at natural gifts then identifying situations, jobs, and environments where those gifts will be extremely valued.

ADDers, with their novelty-seeking minds, can be great at picking out what does or doesn’t fit, noticing changes and anomalies, making connections, and seeing possibilities. When these skills just come naturally, then we want to put ourselves in positions to use these gifts as much as we can.

As I’ve said before, let’s stop spending so much of our focus on what’s not working or what we don’t like. Instead, let’s get really curious where we can use our talents to good advantage and what environments allow us to thrive. Then we can be the contributors we yearn to be, and life is likely to be a lot more fun.

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