I just have to tell you how exquisite it is to once again be in your company and engage in the value rich conversations that are happening on the Soaring Coaches’ calls!

I am always taking some course or learning series somewhere, and am also often a wee bit disappointed in the content and delivery. Mostly because I remember the ADDCA 14 training as the gold standard for this type of learning experience. But then I think I must be remembering the ADDCA training through the enhanced filter of Remembering. It couldn’t have been as good as I am recalling it to be.
But now that I am firmly ensconced in your Soaring Coaches program, I feel a huge sense of relief, peace, and energized alignment. Guess what! The ADDCA training really was that good. And you can go home again!

I have often joked that I would take a course in thumbtack art if you were teaching it, just to hear your voice. But the wisdom, modelling, and value rich content that comes with it is second to none.

So, thank you for being exactly who I believe you to be, and not an enhanced figment of my memory!

And thank you for allowing me in my excitement to have so much to say today. As the weeks go on, and I calm down in the knowledge that I get to learn and share with you once again, I promise that I will get better at holding my peace, and a space for others to contribute.
I remember you once saying, “Not everything we are thinking needs to be said”. It was a relief to hear that! And I have often invoked an internal pause to ask myself if what I’m thinking needs to be said, or if I just want to say it.

I was beyond excited with the opportunity to share with you and some of the cherished names I heard on the call today. What a gift this program is.

Candace Taylor

ADDmirable Woman Coaching