The jonquils

by barbaraluther on April 28, 2012

The jonquils in front of my house came early this spring. I love their bright, happy color! And the deep green leaves and stalks remind me of vibrant growth and health.

They stand up tall and strong, joyful after the cold, dormant winter.

Seeing them not only brightens my day but inspires me to explore how I can grow stronger and express my personal joyful exuberance.

Those of us impacted by ADHD are often the first to step forward and take a risk or try something new. We’re like the jonquils and crocus that sometimes pop up while the snow and ice may still surprise them. But we press forward, eager to grow and celebrate Spring. I consider this aspect of our ADHD a gift – a youthful exuberance which sees possibilities everywhere and stretches toward those possibilities.

Spring is definitely a time to blossom and grow. What is alive in you that wants to bloom right now? Welcome it and watch what appears.

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