What a Summer!

by barbaraluther on September 2, 2013

Can you believe it’s Labor Day already? It’s time to gather the fruits of our summer labor. To me, that means pausing to acknowledge accomplishments, celebrate milestones, etc., and feel grateful.

Accomplishments? Yes, if you’ve been alive and functioning on this planet for these past summer months, you have accomplishments. Even if one is a gorgeous tan or actually having taken a vacation. I spoke at the Attention Deficit Disorder Association (add.org) conference in Detroit in July. Preparing and delivering two talks are good accomplishments. They were also fun. I love to present because people tell me I’m good at it, and because it gives me a chance to study my topic more. Whenever I speak, I learn so much from the talk preparation then just as much from my audience. I also created slides to accompany my talks, and those become grist for future writing and presentations.

I’ve taught several classes at the ADD Coach Academy (ADDCA.com) worth acknowledging as accomplishments. We had excellent conversations in my Soaring Coaches (SoaringCoachesCircle.com) group all summer. That’s worth acknowledging, too. And just a couple weeks ago, I spoke as part of Laurie Dupar’s ADHD Telesummit. I hope you caught some of that. If not, you can still order the recordings. ( _______________ )

One of my celebrations was watching a group of students complete their training at the Academy. This is quite a milestone for them because they’ve been in training for a year and a half. They’ve grown into excellent ADHD coaches with a passion for getting out there and making a difference. As part of our final class, we share virtual desserts as we celebrate how much they’ve grown. It was such an honor to complete with them.

On the same day that the ADDCA Advanced class was completing their training, I was starting a new first class of students into the training program. It was quite profound for me to hear where our students are when they begin then compare that to where they are as they complete. Their language and outlook is completely different! But what was the same was their passion. What a gift I enjoyed that day.

I also had the pleasure of going home to celebrate my mother’s 91st birthday. Wow! All day as we celebrated, she kept exclaiming, “I can’t believe I made it to 91!” A few weeks earlier, we were all worried whether she would, but then she bounced back and is going strong now. While home, I greeted my two new great grand-nephews who arrived in June and July. Their proud parents were glowing.

You know, when I started writing today, I really didn’t think that I had much to acknowledge. It just goes to show that it’s worth pausing to jot things down. We are often quite surprised how much we have to acknowledge and celebrate. So, it’s your turn now. What have you done this summer that was fun and/or satisfying? Write it down. I bet you’ll surprise yourself!

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Tiffany Lynn Lepp November 8, 2013 at 1:15 am

Barbara, I love this post about acknowledging accomplishments. Recently, I started a private journal in which I write down my accomplishments. Actually, it was my coach who requested I start one. I would label myself as a “doer.” I make great to-do lists and always complete everything on the list. But never would I pause to acknowledge what I did. I would just keep going. I wouldn’t suggest this. It leads to burnout. Taking the time to write down my successes and pause to reflect on where I was and where I am going has been very good for my emotional health. It was awesome to read about all your accomplishments… congrats!

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